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Are you looking to know smileactives reviews? Then, in that case, your search ends here. This article will learn all the details about this tooth whitening product-based company, how well it works, and how it is good at satisfying customers. Many of you might have had a problem with yellow teeth, right. It would help if you were glad that there are digital and medical solutions for it. 

It is a tooth whitening product based website from the United States. When the effects are related to our health, we should be more cautious right. So, when we are using something for our teeth, we should not take any risk. But, is this product good to use? Is it healthy or causes any side effects? To clear all your doubts, we will see complete details. Pursue to read till the end. 

What is smileactives?

It is a health-related company that uses the latest technology to produce gadgets that helps in improving the overall health of a person effectively and healthily. It has released its first product in Silk’n Tooth Wave, an electric toothbrush aimed to whiten teeth.

This is an initiation of 2020, which is gaining popularity gradually. This uses a technology named DENTALRf, in which the toothbrush sends a range of frequency to the upper surface of the tooth, which we call the place of enamel. This frequency consists of molecules that move faster and combine with those molecules that form the yellowish layer.

When these molecules are combined, it will be easy to remove the yellowish molecules if the frequency increases, and this is how this works in cleaning the tooth. In the following sections, we will see smileactives reviews. 


  • This website comes under the category of dental health and hygiene.
  • Contact address: Home Skinovations, Tawar building, SV N127008, United States.
  • Contact number: Not mentioned anywhere on the website.
  • You can visit the website here: toothwave(dot)com
  • You can write them here: CS(at)toothwave(dot)com
  • Delivery time: It takes 10-15 business days to deliver the product at their doorway.
  • The time it takes to process the order: 24 hours.
  • Payment gateways: You can pay through Paypal, credit, or debit card.
  • Shipping methods: Products are shipped through their private delivery service.
  • Return: You cannot return the product if you are not satisfied. Nevertheless, you can return if there is any damage to the toothbrush or find that the product is not working.
  • Refund Policy: Depends on the product you want to get refunded and the time while cancelling the order.
  • You can get your toothbrush from smileactivesfor $20.
  • Spare parts and the toothbrush heads are available for the price of $7.

Let us also know about the benefits and disadvantages of buying this product along with smileactives reviews.


  • You can buy the product from their website itself.
  • Prices are cheaper when compared with the other electric toothbrushes.
  • You no longer need to hide your teeth when you roam among people.
  • You don’t need to invest more time cleaning your tooth when you are already running late for the office.
  • They ship worldwide.
  • Spare head parts are also made available.
  • smileactives reviews are also available.


  • They won’t ship any product for free.
  • Return policy is not so easy to agree.
  • We can’t buy this product anywhere outside.
  • You can’t get a good amount of discount.
  • Customer care number is not provided, and this is an issue of transparency.

What are smileactives reviews?

Although there are no reviews available on their website, we had found few opinions when we searched over the web. They admit that they are delighted with the product and found promising results in fewer days.

They say that it is not easy to trust a new brand. But trusting this brand and investing in this product is one of the best things you can do if you genuinely care about how your tooth looks. Also, they can’t admire the service provided by this brand. In-time delivery, packing, and the product are impressive.

Final thoughts

Overall, the product only had positive smileactives reviews, which is a good sign to try this toothbrush. There are no complaints, no suspicious things about this. So we may say it is reliable if you want to buy it from smileactives.

Social Media PresenceYes
Trust score95%
Customer reviewsYes
SSL encryptionYes

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