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Little Passports Reviews

Explore little passports reviews? Everyone loves traveling, and somehow, traveling helps our kids explore more and know the world better. But sometimes, it is not possible to travel as much as a kid can evaluate themselves in our busy schedules. That’s why we need to find a better way to teach them about different locations in different ways.

This service is running their businesses all over the United States. This is an innovative service divided into various parts for children. To clarify your doubts on this matter, we are here with the may information related to little passports like details, benefits, drawbacks, the uses, and many other kinds of stuff.

What are little passports?

Little passport is a subscription that comes every month and helps our kids to explore the world and identify many new locations. It also grows scientific knowledge. This set delivers to your doorsteps every month, and it contains various kits used for creating new things and other kinds of stuff for learning. We present little passports reviews here.

They offer a total of five subscriptions packages to their customers:

  • Early explorer package for three to five years old kids.
  • Science junior kits for five years to eight years.
  • Science expedition kit for kids upto eight-plus age.
  • World edition kit for six to eight years.
  • USA edition kit for seven to twelve years.


  • Category: learning accessories.
  • Subscription type: Monthly.
  • Payment options: Only online payments are available.
  • Fees: The packages start from $20.
  • Email address:

What is a science expedition kit?

  • The Science Expeditions subscription lets kids solve real-life scientific mysteries every month, helping characters Sam and Sofia learn about the world’s secrets through science experiments and activities

The first introductory Science Expeditions kit comes with:

  1. Science Expeditions tote bag
  2. science lab notebook
  3. forensic science experiment kit
  4. fingerprint analysis card and ink pad
  5. a booklet with more fun games and activities

We tried a regular monthly Science Expeditions kit. Each monthly kit lets you solve new mysteries with cartoon characters Sofia and Sam and comes with:

  • A 16-page comic book with glossary and bonus activities
  • hands-on science experiments
  • achievement badges for each subsequent theme
  • access to bonus online videos and science content

What are the little passports’ food packages?

  • When we opened our second Little Passports package, I was delighted to find that this month’s topic was world food.
  • Trying new foods is an integral part of our travels and this blog, so discussing how food fits into culture with the Early Explorers kit was as interesting to me as it was to the kids.
  • Being Australian, I loved the inclusion of some specifically Aussie offerings (hello Vegemite!) and different food items from around the world. There were even foods I had not heard of.

What is the Ocean package?

  • Inside was a fishing game to help us learn about different sea creatures and a fun saltwater science experiment.
  • We enjoyed reading and talking about the fun facts about the world’s oceans in the illustrated booklet.
  • As each monthly subscription box arrives, there is a lot of excitement. Please keep reading for little passports reviews.

Is this little passport subscription worth spending money on?

  • According to our studies on little passport reviews, the answer to this is entirely subjective. However, I like to think of alternatives to this kind of service.
  • They have had at least 3-4 hours of play and learning from each package so far and the inclusion of the memory game in the second package means we will get more entertainment in the coming weeks.
  • If you think about how much a kid’s magazine or a trip to the movies costs as a comparison, then we believe the package offers reasonable value for money.
  • Plus, you have the bonus that the boxes were designed in consultation with educators and parents. So, you know the kids are going to learn something along the way.
  • We mark it a legit service with an 85% trust score.

What are the customer’s reactions to little passports reviews?

There are substantial positive responses about this product from the customers. Parents are pleased with their services.

Allen said, 

“This helps my kids to explore more and expand their knowledge on the world and its surface.

Isabella said, 

“These kits are great to educate your babies in a friendly manner.”


Parameters Remark
Trust score 85%
SSL certificate Yes
Social media presence No
Customer reviews Yes

Here is everything about little passports reviews. We collect all updates and information about this product. We mark it as a legit product. You can consider it as your home essentials.

If you want to ask something or share something, leave it in the comment section below. We would love to see your responses in this section.

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