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Is Webstaurantstore Legit? 100+ Users Feedbacks (2022)

Is webstaurantstore legit? We have noted several feedbacks from customers which indicates unsatisfaction among them. But what are its benefits?

Nowadays, people are wanted to grow their business online. As a result, every kind of product and business is launching its online e-commerce website. Webstaurant store is a website selling unique systems that are very helpful for different services, and it created a lot of hype about this website.

Naturally, people are interested to learn about the website. So, after speculating everything, we are coming up with every pros, cons, specification, and another essential fact of this website. There are different queries available about the website. To know everything in detail, please be with us till the last.

What is webstaurantstore?

It is the one-stop solution for any restaurant utensils and Ingredients. And restaurant owners are always looking for places where they can get everything at an affordable rate.

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That’s why it is essential to know is WebstaurantStore legit or not. We gathered a lot of information about this website. Here we shared all available categories below,

  • Restaurant utensils and tools
  • Display refrigeration
  • Freezers
  • Tables for prep tables
  • Walk-in and bar refrigerator
  • Ice cream storage
  • Small tools and equipment
  • Storage equipment
  • Transportation facilities
  • Different kinds of Disposable
  • Furniture
  • Food items
  • Beverages items
  • Janitorial
  • Industrial supplies
  • Food service
  • Event service


  • Category: utensils and equipment
  • Niche: online service providers
  • Email address:
  • Company address: no legitimate information is available about the details.
  • Contact number: No number is given on the website


  • The product is available for worldwide delivery.
  • They cover all kinds of services a food business owners want to expand their business.
  • Different types of refrigerators are available on their portal.
  • Even they serve the transportation service and other tools which are helping to transport other things.


  • The ratings are not so good.
  • No contact details are available on the website.
  • The website design is inferior.
  • The website is very new in the online e-commerce marketplace.

is Webstaurantstore legit

Now, here are the essential questions arrives is it legit or not. The analytical studies show that the website is not trustworthy because different suspicious activities are found.

There is no social media presence available on the website. All links which are attached to the website are fake. The overall impression of this website and its services are inadequate. So, it is not a legitimate website to buy the product.

What are the reviews of WebstaurantStore?

The reviews ofWebstaurant stores are not so good. People are highly dissatisfied with their service, and they are getting furious with all their policies. Let’s know is WebstaurantStore legit or not.

Wickham. L says, 

He ordered many things without checking their policies, and now he regrets that decision. Because not a single product got delivered to him, and all his money got wasted.

L. Martin says,

He was getting pleased with such useful products at such low rates, but all his expectations were torn up horribly when he didn’t get his order after five months. None of the customer care executives responded to him and were ready to solve his problem. 

Merry says,

She ordered an ice cream refrigerator, but that refrigerator arrived broken, and she didn’t find any option to return the product. She checked all policies and realized that there was no return policy available. She says that it is a scam business.

Merlin says,

He gets highly dissatisfied and will never recommend this product to anyone because they are entirely a fraud company.

After checking everything, we mark this website as a scam with 1% trust scores.


Parameters Remark
Trust score 1%
Social media presence No
Customer opinion Yes

Hopefully, all things are clear to you, and the answer to whether it is WebstaurantStore legit is a no. This is a fraud company, and it is essential to avoid such a website. Please be aware of these fraudulent companies.

Don’t forget to share your experiences with us through the comment section below. We are eagerly waiting to see your excellent responses.


  1. What is the return policy of the website?

    There are no return policies described on the website to let customers know about the primary process.

  2. How much time does it take to ship a product?

    It takes 25 to 30 days to ship a product through standard shipping.

  3. Is the shipping free?

    No, the shipping is not free, and there is a minimum charge of $10 nationally.

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