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Is thetan arena legit

Is thetan arena legit? >> Updates Everyone wants to seek an extra way to get some passive income. This brand is all about it. 

Nowadays, many gaming sites are offering such things. They asked you to play games and earn money. This is one of them. The name of this game is spreading like fire. Many people are continuously asking this question.

This game is widely famous in the Philippines. We collect all kinds of important information, beneficial facts, negative facts and other essential things. Hundreds of hidden facts are undiscovered, and curiosity is increasing. Be with us till the end to learn more on this matter.

What is thetan arena?

The thetan arena is a game. We are answering the question is thetan arena legit or not in the article. A group of gamers suddenly discovered the game. This is a blockchain game. The attractive feature of this game is that it offers money to its players when they win the game.

This is a group game, and you need to play in groups. Firstly you need to install the game and create your Id. Then go to the team option and add your friends and create your squad. After your group wins, you and all the other members of your group can redeem the points as money. 

Every group needs to be formed with at least four members and a maximum of eight members. The prize money will be divided among everyone equally. Every 1000 points contain a value of $2.


  • Category: Gaming.
  • Game type: Team game.
  • Point redeem: You can redeem it as money.
  • Creator name: The name of the creator is not visible
  • Game system: blockchain game


  • You can earn money by playing this game.
  • It is a team game. That’s why it is more entertaining than singular player games.
  • This game has many different features like team management, microphone settings and other gaming systems to make this game more interesting.


  • Sometimes the software is not working.
  • Sometimes there are some glitches to adding team members to the group.
  • No security certificates are available on this website. That’s the reason it is not a secured site for your private data.

What is the main plot of thetan?

  • Thetan Arena is a multiplayer game in the battle arena category. In essence, players must acquire characters as NFTs to engage in virtual battles.
  • This way, each player can earn tokens called Thetan Coins, which can purchase other NFT items required.
  • Meanwhile, the secondary token called Thetan Gem will be used as a governance token.
  • Game developers at Wolffun have big plans ahead for the game.
  • Accordingly, Thetan Arena will launch a battle royale mode, new guild quests and token staking starting 2022.

What are the secret features thetan?

  • There are tons of blockchain-based games gaining traction today. However, most of them employ a card or turn-based gaming model, which is already a bit saturated in both the traditional and crypto gaming sectors.
  • This is where Thetan Arena enters, a play-to-earn game that is the first of its kind in the market.
  • Thetan Arena features a multiplayer-based model where users can compete with each other through in-game champions.
  • They will also have the opportunity to earn native tokens from the game by participating in in-game activities and events.
  • Thetan Arena is the first blockchain game that has the MOBA and Battle Royal genres.
  • It has unique gameplay that would attract both non-crypto and crypto players to enjoy the game.
  • The game economy would be able to convert the non-crypto players to crypto players through the play-to-earn mechanism.
  • The game provides balanced battles between different heroes, leading to fair skill-based competition between the players.
  • Also, the game is the perfect fit for streamers and content creators. That would expand the ecosystem to not just the players but also the viewers, who would potentially join the game at a later time.

Is thetan arena legit?

According to our research, this game is suspicious, And many drawbacks are found on this platform.

  • This game is designed very poorly, and the feature of this game is not upgraded.
  • We found tons of suspicious activities on this platform.
  • Sometimes the game stops working.
  • There are too many glitches available on this platform.
  • No customer responses are recorded for this game.
  • We mark it a suspicious blockchain game with 33% trust scores.

Hopefully, all these statements clear your views on this game.

What are the player’s responses to this game?

We tried to gather all the information, but the result was zero. No recorded reviews are available on the internet. That’s why we can’t decide anything about is thetan arena legit based on this section.


Social Media PresenceYes
Customer reviewsYes
SSL certificateNo

Do you think Thetan Arena is a scam project which will disappear in a rug pull in the next few months, or do you think Thetan Arena is here to stay? According to our research, this game is misleading in the name of earning.

And more importantly, let us know your experience is thetan arena legit and let us know if you have noticed anything suspicious.

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