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Is Parkwhiz Legit

Searching for the answer, is parkwhiz legit or not? No tension! We are here to solve your queries. New services and innovative technologies are always attracting us towards it. And if the benefits are worth using, our whole generation is madly obsessed with those services. Nowadays, people are tired of parking services. Whenever they went out, a thought haunts them terribly about not getting parking. Parkwhiz is a one-stop solution.

The parkwhiz is a newly launched parking service booking website. Sounds interesting, right? We conducted deep research and gathered all information, and presented a brief intro, pros, cons, specifications, and other Important details to serve you for a better understanding of this website.

What is parkwhiz? 

Parkwhiz is a brand new brand to book and search for parking areas in your selected location. You can pre-book every service and enjoy leisure without any tension. They offer multiple services at a fixed price rate. We mentioned all services below for an insightful view-

  • They provide you with a parking spot in your selected area, and this company will offer you an assured parking spot before your arrival.
  • They can give you a 100% refund if you cancel your booking without any questions.
  • This service saves time and money because the price rates are much less than the actual garage rate.

Now, the question is, is parkwhiz legit or not? We will serve you with all details in our further segments.


  • Contact Number: No information is available at this moment on this website.
  • Contact Address: The primary headquarter is situated in Chicago, but the actual location is not general.
  • Email Address: info(at)parkwhiz(dot)com.
  • Category: Parking lot booking.
  • Price: Less than garage price.
  • Payment method: Only online payment is available on this website.
  • Payment options: You can pay via PayPal, MasterCard, credit card, and debit card.

How to use parkwhiz?

We present this section here to sketch a better idea on is parkwhiz legit or not.

  • Booking through ParkWhiz is simple. Go to their website, and their homepage displays a search bar.
  • You can use it to find parking spots in your desired area.
  • Below this, they share information about their services and a few positive ParkWhiz reviews from real customers.
  • Book the slot for the payment process, and you will be well set to go to our perfect location.

Some information you have to know when you book on Parkwhiz: 

  • Once booked, a link to print or view your parking pass is sent via an email confirmation. 
  • You will scan the QR code from your mobile device or print it from a computer.
  • Drive up to the entrance gate and push the button to pull a ticket at the parking location.
  • Park your car in any open parking spot that’s not marked reserved
  • Open the ParkWhiz App and select Scan My Ticket.
  • Scan the ticket you pulled when you entered the garage by taking a picture in the app.

What is the cost of this service?

To answer the question is parkwhiz legit or not, it is also vital to provide cost details. 

  • Most of the time, the ParkWhiz prices are discounted from the posted garage rates when you book ahead of time. 
  • They advertise this discount as up to 50% off. Plus, you can find a ParkWhiz coupon online(such as $5 off your booking) to save even more money. 

What is the parking access feature?

There are some crucial features of this parking to judge parkwhiz as legit or not.

  • Average time of shuttles included.
  • Parking type had (covered, uncovered, garage, etc.).
  • Sort by the closest or cheapest parking facilities.
  • Lower rates & many more facilities to choose.

Is parkwhiz legit? 

Apart from all the information, the most critical issue is whether this platform is legit or not? According to our analytical studies, this platform is legit. 

  • They have been one of the most trusted brands for the past two years. We consider it a legit site without any doubt because a well-known company can never present a fraud company.
  • There are many good reviews of this website available on the internet. You can also go through those reviews.
  • All valid certificates of BBB reviews and other security certificates are available to make their legitimacy status strong.
  • We mark it as a legit company with a 70% trust score.

What are the customer’s responses to Parkwhiz?

Most of the responses are positive, but some of them are negative. We try to portray some of them to clear your thoughts on it. 

Rocky said, 

“This is an excellent service to save both money and effort. Now, I always book the parking lot and then go and park the car without any hassle.” 

Dreck said, 

“The website is designed very poorly, and I am unable to book the parking place for too many major glitches.” 


Parameters Remark 
Trust score                        70%
SSL certificate                         Yes 
Social media presence                         Yes 
Customer review                         Yes 

Parkwhiz is a legit company, according to our research. Do follow all steps to access this website. This website is a great company to save your time and keep some extra money for your enjoyment.

You can share your experiences and views on parkwhiz is legit or not through the comment section below. We would love to hear from your side.


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