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Is Dhgate Legit

Is dhgate legit? Let us dig this e-commerce website and give you relevant details and information about dhgate. Due to the ongoing pandemic, middle-class people have suffered an enormous financial crisis and excellent business loss and are looking at opportunities to start up again. 

We all know that China suppliers most gadgets, makeup products, and many more items. Dhgate is like small China in itself. Do not waste more time and directly come to the specialty of this website. 

What is

Dhgate is a tremendous digital market where suppliers, dealers, and manufacturers sell their goods in bulk. Dhgate does not own any products, neither it resell. It is a website where the dealing of businesses takes place. The website has 90% of China sellers and Chinese products. 

The domain has colossal varieties of products that you cannot imagine. The site has almost all kinds of sellers available for all types of needs.

The website is excellent for small e-commerce business startups as it does not emphasize the consumer to take the maximum quantity of product. For purchasing, you need a minimum amount for starting your business. Is dhgate legit? Let us find out. 

Key features:

  • The website often produces sales for the customers to ensure they’re engaged with them.
  • If the product is found damaged, dhgate takes responsibility, comes to the rescue, and provides a refund to the concerned customer.
  • You do not have to buy tons of quantities for any product. Their lowest mode of the portion is 12 pieces and maybe less, depending on the product type.
  • Dhgate provides a buyer protection program.
  • It ensures that the customer receives the goods bought from the website without hassle.


  • Address- 28 Cheng-fu Road, Haidian District, Beijing
  • Email- xuehuixia(at)dhgate(dot)com
  • Contact- 010-82028870
  • Owner- Dian Wang
  • Website launch- launched in 2005
  • Refund/return- Available within 30 days of purchase
  • Mode of payment- credit cards accepted, visa, MasterCard
  • Shipping- worldwide


  • The website is pretty old, which is an active highlight.
  • Lots of excellent varieties of almost all the products in the market.
  • A refund policy is available.
  • Shipping worldwide.
  • Positive reviews about the website were found.
  • Social media presence is known.
  • Minimum mode of quantity can be purchased according to the will.
  • The best platform to stock up for new small businesses.


  • The website has got lots of bad reviews.
  • The high-end products listed at low prices are all fake.
  • The sellers don’t permanently sell on the website. They may sell for a month and leave.
  • We are not new to the quality of Chinese products, so if you find something cheap, do not expect it to be excellent.
  • The cancellation of order option is only available for 2 hours after the purchase.

Is dhgate legit?

Dhgate is a legitimate website. It is entirely safe to buy from this domain as it is responsible for all the orders being received by the customer. 

We have analyzed by our research that the website is pretty old is makes 9 digit revenue every year. It is a well-known portal. 

It, however, is famous for its lousy quality reviews. We all know that there are 1000s of vendors that sell low-quality items at low prices, so this has nothing to do with the domain.

The website also has this fantastic feature that if you cancel or return any product and face any issue with the seller, dhgate will come to the rescue and provide you a refund of the product. 

All the points highlight that it is undoubtedly a legitimate portal.

Dhgate customer’s reviews?

Is dhgate legit? Must be cleared. We have come across mixed reviews of the customers. For some, it is a savior for business startups, while some claim to have received the lowest quality product. 

However, you will find reviews about the seller’s product. We know that dhgate is a marketplace that doesn’t sell or own any products. It will help you with vendors and will guide you to purchase the item you desire.

Some customers have unrealistic expectations about the low-price product quality. Dhgate consists of 90% plus sellers across China; hence you can rely on the quality of the product. 


We conclude our article by stating that the domain is quite engaging if you know the right trick to use it. Is dhgate legit? We know that with good comes the bad one. Apart from quality checks, we had seen sellers leaving the portal soon. 

So, it is unsure that you had the product today, and tomorrow you might get another. Please share your valuable comments below. 

Customer’s review Mixed
Trust scores        trustworthy
SSL encryption Verified
Social media presence yes
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