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Iraqui Dinar Scam

Is iraqui dinar scam? In recent times there are thousands of fake investment companies are launching. This company is also among one of the investment companies. Easy investment plan and other benefits make it famous. Still, many people have various doubts about such investment plans.

To solve their queries, we came up with this article on this United States-based company. We will share several things about the company, its benefits, specifications, and many more facts. Many new things are waiting for you in this article. 

There are thousands of fake companies available in the marketplace. That’s why it is essential to ensure legitimacy.

What is iraqui dinar?

The meaning of iraqui dinar is the currency of iraq. The theory of investment is you invest any “X” amount of iraq money in exchange for a “Y” amount of cash. This investment scheme is promoted and marketed by individuals. 

Many promotional firms and brokers hugely promote these investment plans to their customers.


  • Category: Investment company
  • Minimum investment: You have to contact the company for the primary payment structure.
  • Company address: No exact address is given in on the internet.
  • Company number: No accurate contact number is available on the website.
  • Email address: support@iraquidinar.com. 


  • They start investing in a low minimum amount.
  • There is no extreme amount applicable to it. 


  • Lack of registration process for proper submission.
  • These investment plans are sold on misleading theory.
  • Include hidden investment risk. They never disclose these risk factors.
  • The currencies are low rated than the other components. The Inflammation rate is lower than others.

What is the lack of registration in this matter?

  • It is illegal in the U.S. and most other major economies to market investment without appropriate securities registration.
  • The scammers get around this requirement in two ways.
  • First, it is technically legal to sell hard currency for its numismatic value. In other words, it is possible to sell hard currency as a “collector’s item.” Second, some dealers will register with the U.S. Treasury as a Money Service Business (MSB).
  • Registering as an MSB is something dinar dealers will do to put on the appearance of registration and government oversight. However, the difference between legitimate MSBs and dinar dealers is that genuine MBS’ are not marketing an investment.

What is the liquidity of iraqui dinar?

  • Before moving towards the question of whether if it “Is iraqui dinar scam?” There is currently no active market for dinars. You can buy them but can you sell them? 

We surveyed several dealers and found that the difference between what you can buy dinars for and what you can sell them for is approximately 20%. 

  • This means that the dinar will have to appreciate by at least 20% before you can sell the currency back at break-even. 
  • It is worth noting that since the new dinar was introduced after the U.S. invasion, it has only appreciated about 23% total.

Is iraqui dinar scam?

According to our studies, there are more drawbacks than positive facts. It is straightforward to mark it as a scam.

  • After examining every circumstance, we consider it as a scam website with a 4% trust score.
  • Absences of verified SSL certificates are available on this website.
  • No social media presence, newsletters, and FAQ portal are functional on this website.
  • Lack of satisfying customer responses.

Hopefully, this article will help to sketch a better idea.

What is the customer’s opinion?

After conducting deep research, we got a few reviews, but all of them were entirely negative. These comments indicate iraqui dinar scam.

Braine said, “This company is totally fake all my money went to wrong hand and everything messed up.”

Laurel said, “I invest all my wealth on their plan and get nothing. They fooled me in a very professional way.” 


Trust score4%
SSL certificateYes
Customer reviewsYes
Social media presenceNo

We consider this investment opportunity plan as a scam which means it “is iraqui dinar scam? Always read the instruction before investing.

Please write us about your problems, thoughts, and share experiences in our comment section. We would love to see your responses in it.


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