Grunt Birthday Party Skull Halo Infinite Location

Facts about the grunt birthday party skull halo infinite? Nowadays, there are various new features available on our known games.

We are focusing on halo infinite today. Recently many gamers have been asking about the grunt party skull. Halo infinite is always up to surprise their users with new and different features. This skull is also a new feature active in a particular mode. 

This game is widely popular in the United States and the United Kingdom. To answer their doubts, we conducted deep research and found out all the important details about their features. 

We will share a brief intro, gaming process, different stages, and many other kinds of stuff. Many things are waiting for you. Read the article till the end to learn more about this topic.

What is Halo Infinite?

Halo infinite is part of the Halo series. Our main focused topic is grunt birthday party skull halo infinite. This is the next season of halo games series five. It is a first-person shooter game. 

Game can be played both in single-player mode and multiplayer mode. This game was launched on Xbox. The creator of this game is 343 industries. This game is accessible on Microsoft, Xbox One, Xbox x1s.

Where can you get a grunt birthday party skull halo infinite?

A player can only find a grunt birthday party skull in the repository stage. The repository stage is available on the 12th mission of halo infinite, and you need to unlock the mission to get this skull. 

We will disclose everything and let you know the detailed procedure for unlocking this feature below.

What is the way to get the mission 12 repository skull?

To get a grunt birthday party skull halo infinite:

  • Firstly, you can see the master chief receiving a threat message in an open room connected with two light bridges.
  • After this, you can see the east and west doors open with a blue ray.
  • Now you need to kill the incoming enemies.
  • Then, you need to go to the door, grab the grapple, and support the beam.
  • You can jump down to the next-door platform from there or use the Grapple Shot to be safe. Proceed through the hallway, and inside, you’ll find a Power Seed.
  • Grab it and return it to the platform. Some Sentinels may spawn, so drop the power seed if you need to.
  • Use your Grappleshot to get back to the first door platform with the Power Seed in hand. You can use the Grappleshot while holding things like Power Seeds and coils!
  • Cross the bridge toward the door the Banished emerged from and get ready to Grapple Shot again.
  • Now, use the Grapple Shot to get to the room on the west side (left from where you entered) by crossing the same way you did for the first. (grunt birthday party skull halo infinite)
  • Enter the room and go to the right backside. You’ll find a crucible. Insert the Power Seed, and you’ll hear an affirming noise. Nothing will happen. Not near you, anyway.
  • With that, you’re done with this part of the Repository skull steps. If you missed this part, you’d need to restart the level to do this as you cannot return here.
  • After the room with The Weapon’s chat, you’ll come across two ascending platforms that lead to mirrored golden rooms with ramps.
  • Proceed through one or both of them (you don’t have to go through both) and eliminate your enemies. More await at the room where the two ascending passages meet.
  • Again, kill the enemies here. Make sure you’re stocked up on grenades and ammo at this point. The next room will get you to the skull.
  • You’ll enter a room that’s also a mirror of the previous room. Two Sentinels emerge before Banished does on the left and right.
  • Clear the room, but don’t leave. That Power Seed you used before opening the window at the top of this room!
  • Inside it is the Grunt Birthday Party skull, and you’re going to have to face another challenge to get it.
  • In this small room are four invisible Elites, all equipped with Energy Swords and plenty of plasma grenades. They attack as soon as they approach the skull. Use the Threat Sensor to spot them.


Expectedly, all steps are clear till now. We disclosed all steps to unlock the grunt birthday party skull halo infinite. Try to implement all of them in the correct order.

You can write to us about your experiences, thoughts, and views and drop them in our comment section directly. Your valuable comments are important for us.

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