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Elite 4 BDSP – How do you beat the Elite Four in BDSP

How to beat “Elite 4 bdsp”? The Elite Four and the Champions are the final two rivals you will face; how can you counter them?

Every player worldwide, including the United States, who wants to be the winner in the pokemon league has to face the powerful trainers.

So here, you will go through with the whole concept and how you can use different techniques to succeed in your match.

About “Elite 4 bdsp”?

Elite brilliant diamond and shining pearl in Pokemon give you a fantastic chance to meet a lot of trainers and develop various strategies to win the championship. In the meanwhile, you have to collect the gym badge. It is difficult to win but not impossible.

If you like to play Pokemon, then elite 4 is for you. This can be defined as the final challenge to battle and win the championship. To win this game, you have to use your skills effectively. 

Your Pokemon should reach more than 55 levels and face the trainer carefully. When you defeat the four elite, you get the chance to move further with the pokemon league championship that has the pokemon level between 60 to 66.

Elite 4 bdsp members include:


dustox (level 53, bug and poison) heracross (level 4, bug and fighting), beautifly (level 3, bug and poison), drapion( level 57 poison and dark)

Aaron pokemon is one of the strongest Pokemon that have rock moves. You can use this ability to defeat other Pokemon, i.e., Bertha. 

You can use the rock against water.

To deal with this Pokemon, you have to use the fire-type trainer. If you do it the easiest way, then you can able to win, just make some preparation to win over this Pokemon, But if you are not well prepared, then it isn’t easy to win them.


Quagsire has level 55 and has the ability of water and ground, whereas Whiscash goes with the level of 55 and has the feature of water and ground. 

In contrast, sudowoodo and Golem have level 56 and rock and garden ability. This Pokemon is weak against grass water.

The main feature of this Pokemon is that it has a ground specialty. Bertha has ground, water fighting ability to use it against the rock. 

Flint Pokemon: 

Steelix has the type of steel and ground and has moves thunder fang, fire fang. Rapidash consists of fire and has moves of flame charge, iron. Lopunny contains level 57 and has the ability of cute charms, leftovers, Infernape used for fire and fighting.

In flint, pokemon Rapidash is one of the fastest Pokemon that can activate any pokemon if they fall to sleep.


Mr. Mine has the ability of filter and light clay and has moves of psychic, reflect, Girafarig used for the psychic, thunderbolt, Medicham have level 60 and can be used for fighting and psycis, Bronzong has trick room, payback moves.

These Pokemon have ghost-type moves as they have a psychic trainer. It will help you to create the defensive moves in the dark modes.


spirit tomb fight for ghost and dark, Milotic have level 63 and can be used for water, roserade used for energy balls, gastrrondon have level 60 and can be used for water and ground, Lucario consist of level 63, fighting and steel

Cynthia may not be very helpful if you plan to battle with these Pokemon against the above 4 types. It is considered a nightmare as per players’ reviews.

Above mentioned Elite 4 bdsp Pokemon are so tricky that it is challenging to defeat each other. Still, if you apply the appropriate strategy, you will surely win the game.

Every Pokemon should have the strength and the weakest point, 

Aaron is one of the most powerful Pokemon in elite 4 bdsp. They have the super attack option against three other Pokemon. Just apply your imaginations and skills to defeat each other Pokemon.


“Elite 4 bdsp” In the end, this game is getting more enjoyable when you move forward to the next level.

You can easily defeat elite 4 with the help of your team up to level 50, but after that, it isn’t easy to win. We suggest you play the game with your mind and total concentration while moving forward to the next level.

Meanwhile, please share your suggestions or views regarding this article; please share with us in the comment box.

Gordon N. Kendall

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