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Earth breeze reviews? Do you know that liquid detergents consist of 90% solvent? Isn’t this a complete waste of plastic bottles, space, and water? To solve this issue, buy laundry detergent that uses the water put in the machine while washing clothes.

In the United States, people are very conscious about saving the environment and promoting eco-friendly products. It is a beacon of hope for you if you are among them. Read further to know more details.

What is Earth breeze?

Almost 700 million detergent packing plastic goes into landfills and oceans per year. To minimize this number, Earth breeze launched laundry sheets that are water dissolving and produce no waste. They do not use any plastic hence the name eco sheets.

They believe in making a social impact on the environment by using more sustainable technology for the future. Some features of the brand:

  • They offer free shipping all around the globe and a complete money refund if you are not satisfied.
  • Their team consists of people from different cultures. All of them put in their ideas to make this brand a huge success.
  • They work together towards a common goal.
  • If you buy one pack from them, they donate ten packs to people in need. They are taking steps for the betterment of our community.
  • Approximately 60 washes can get done with one pack of 30 sheets. But this can vary according to how your preference. For more scents, you can use more sheets.
  • It is a vegan brand.
  • You can use it with greywater and septic. But, do read the ingredients to get a better knowledge of its compatibility with your system.
  • It cleans like any traditional detergent and, some may even say that it is better.
  • If you have sensitive skin, this can be a good choice because of its ingredients.
  • You can subscribe to the newsletter to get the latest updates.
  • It is available in two scents and sizes.

Continue reading for earth breeze reviews.


  • Contact Address – 2839, Nansen Dr. Ste C2Medford, OR 97504-4158.
  • Customer Care Number – 800-961-6535
  • E-mail address– hello(at)earthbreeze(dot)com
  • Payment Method – You can find any online payment option available on the website.
  • Category of the Website – They are dealing in the detergent sheets.
  • Delivery Time – They have many international partners that make their delivery faster and easier. Delivery time may vary according to your location.
  • Return of Product – If you have any issues, email us for a FULL refund or replacement Within 30 days after your purchase. You can even keep the product. Orders over $50.00 do not follow this policy.
  • Shipment Process – All the shipments come with a tracking ID.


  • All vegan products.
  • It is eco-friendly and reduces the use of plastic.
  • The website has a retailer assets page made only for retailers to stay updated.
  • All the social media handles are listed on their homepage. The content is very engaging and, they have more than 123 k followers on Instagram.
  • You can get trial packs for free.
  • The product description is detailed, with many FAQs and multiple pictures.
  • They have Customer-friendly policies regarding the return of products, shipping, delivery, and payment options.


  • There is no detailed contact information of the owner present.
  • No store available in the United States.
  • The product range is limited.
  • Fragrance options provided by them are limited

Is earth breeze a legit brand?

Products of this brand get sold on some e-commerce giants and, they have good ratings. They are not BBB accredited. But have good Earth breeze reviews on their website. 

The social media handles are well maintained and have clout on them. The website seems legit, and it has no technical issues or skeptical policies. They are selling free trial packs without any questions asked. 

The refund policy seems authentic. They allow filling refund without returning the product. The confidence they show in the brand is commendable. 

No trust score is present on open source, so we cannot judge them. You can try their trial products and judge them according to your experience.

Earth breeze reviews by the customers?

Several reviews got posted on the website. They stated its products received a 5/5 stars rating from the customers. If you want to consider user feedback on open platforms, we have done some analysis on it. The brand has got more than 4/5 stars on multiple sources. 

Due to this, you can conclude that it is a worthy product and you shall try it once. The customer care is excellent and, the representatives are friendly.

There were some negative comments too. People complained that it is not very efficient for cleaning and leaves no pleasant smell. They advertise to wash 60 loads in one package but send only 30 sheets. 

Most of the people were confused about this strategy and did not know how to use it. Apart from these reviews, it has received a decent response.


Earth breeze reviews? The idea to reduce plastic use and make it eco-friendly seems attractive. But they need to work on some aspects to make it a successful brand in the United States. 

You may read reviews and apply for a trial pack before making any decision.

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