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What is claimtherobux com? With the growth in the Roblox community, there are high opportunities for third-party websites to grow their business. Implementing these opportunities, such platforms are coming up drastically every day. We can spot thousands of new websites every week. But it is hard to figure out whether all of them are fake or legit.

We are here to answer your questions on this platform and its legitimacy. This platform entered the spotlight a few weeks ago for its unique features. Many people are asking thousands of questions related to it. That’s why we prepare an article with an introductory statement, pros, cons, specifications, and another legitimacy scale to clear their doubts.

What is claimtherobux com?

Claimtherobux is among the third-party websites which generate free Robux for their users. This website works the same as other similar platforms and generates free Robux to help you.

The most significant feature distinguishing this platform from others is its ability to generate Robux with your ID and device type. The whole scenario is the website is asking for your Roblox ID, and the name of device type means apple, android, or Microsoft to generate Robux. This specification can make the process easier to access for everyone.

Many people are saying this platform is a fantastic way to get Robux free and fast.

What is Roblox? 

Apart from claimtherobux com, you have to be aware of each fact about Roblox. Because there is no means to understand the third-party websites without even getting an idea of the main thing. To clarify the picture, we point out some crucial facts about Roblox.

  • Roblox is an online international gaming platform for all ages.
  • They are getting more famous with each passing day.
  • Nearly 50 thousand people joined this platform last month.
  • All in all, they have 40 million-plus active gamers on their platform.
  • They have 35 million games available on the platform.
  • They also allowed their gamers to design games and launch it on their platform. That’s why the number of games is increasing.
  • They include all kinds of games on their platform.
  • Robux is the digital currency of the game, which helps you to operate everything on this platform.
  • Robux is the main reason behind the sudden exposure of such third-party generator websites.


  • Category: Free Robux Generator website.
  • Type: Third-party website.
  • Generator way: auto-generate.
  • Transfer method: Directly transferred to your ID.


  • You can win free Robux with a simple task.
  • HTTPS certificate is available on this website.
  • Customer reaction recorded on this website.
  • All contact details are visible on this website.


  • Sometimes the server is down for generating Robux, and you can’t transfer the Robux successfully.
  • Sometimes after downloading the application, you can’t get Robux for the failed verification.

Way to generate Robux from this platform?

  • Go to the official website.
  • Enter your Roblox ID.
  • Choose your device.
  • Click on the claim Robux button.
  • Wait until the generator works.
  • After they show you the amount is okay, transfer the amount to your ID by clicking on start transferring.

Is this website legit?

According to our analytical studies, the website is working to generate Robux, but sometimes for server-related issues, the transaction is found on claimtherobux com.

  • All security certificates are available on this website to secure the private data of their customers.
  • The Whois server location and data are general on their website.
  • No social media presence is available to spot the legitimacy.
  • We found several suspicious activities on this website.
  • We mark this site as a suspicious website with a 55% trust score.

What are the customer’s responses on this website? 

We found mixed reactions available about claimtherobux com. Many people are happy with their services, and others are not.

Racy said,

 “I almost earned 500 Robux daily from this website. This site helps me to buy my favorite characters.”

Stela said,

 “They promised for free Robux, but they didn’t fulfill it. I tried several times to earn Robux from this website, but every time I failed to achieve it.”


Parameters Remarks 
Trust score 55%
Social media presence No 
SSL certificate Yes 
Customer review Yes 

We try to cover all possible crucial points of this website in this article. Hopefully, all your doubts are clear till now. This site is a suspicious one, but you can give it a try.

If you want to share your experiences with us on claimtherobux, our comment section is open for you. Stay connected for more information.

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